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Welcome to the Petworth Archaeology Society. Created in 2021.The purpose of this organisation will be to explore the area in and around Petworth.  This area will be approximately between Storrington to the south east and Billingshurst to the north east, and then to Chilgrove to the south west and Milland to the north west. It is hoped that this new organisation will be able to contribute in whatever way that it can to our knowledge of the past. The members area will contain access to pages not available to non members including a research section, a fieldwalking section, a geophysics section, an excavation section. And the members area will contain general and specific information relating to archaeological theory and practice. Field walking will be an essential part of the beginnings of this new organisation, its easy, its enjoyable, its not intrusive, and hopefully with the right permissions it will lead to potential areas of interest. Actual full scale archaeological excavations will not be possible in the early stages. However, small testpits and such like are possible because they can easily be managed and are not so intrusive. There will be cooperation with other organisations involved in archaeology.

This organisation is affiliated to the Council for British Archaeology South East.

                                  Any one with questions of whatever kind please go to the contact section.                                                                   

                          If you click on the buttons below you will see the potential for archaeology in this area.

                            And some of our unique geophysics equipment. A magnetometer that can be used on land or under the water and that was owned by an RAF archaeology unit. And a superscan detector designed and made by Eric Foster that can detect objects at 20 feet deep. 

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