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Constitution of the Petworth Archaeology Society

The name of the organisation is Petworth Archaeology Society.

The purpose of the organisation is to explore the area in and around Petworth, to about 100 square miles. To carry out research and field investigation. To carry out minor archaeological work and cooperate with other organisations where bigger work is undertaken.

Anyone over the age of 18 who has read the Constitution the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer, and agrees with all that is written, is eligible to become a member of the organisation.

The organisation will be run along democratic lines and therefore every member will have a say in the activities of the organisation. There will be no chairperson or commitee. Instead there will be groups within the organisation that carry out the respective tasks. And all the groups will be under the watch of the administrator. Any member is free to participate in the actions of the groups, or just be an observer. Decisions will be made by consensus, and that means any decisions will need to be unanimous. In order to protect members from liabilities while engaged in fieldwork and excavations an agreement will always be drawn up between the members and landowners.


The administrator is the creator of the Petworth Archaeology Society and its website and responsible for the bank account with LLoyds Bank. The administrator will continue to oversee the proper running of the organisation and also be the moderator for the forum where members will meet to discuss matters. The administrator is also a member.


Membership is yearly from the time a person pays their subscription. Current membership is £10 per year for an individual and £15 per year for a couple. There is no refund. The organisations bank is Lloyds Bank, and there is a treasurers account. Unacceptable behaviour will mean expulsion from the organisation. It is advisable that all members have a tetanus vaccination if engaged in fieldwalking or excavations, and some may already have had vaccinations, but booster shots are available if need be. There is not a long list of rules and regulations and health and safety advice, instead it is expected that all members will use their common sense.


Dated  2021.

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