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The finds are the objects that we find on or in the ground. The objects will be of various materials and need to be properly cleaned and identified and stored. All finds unless they are subject to the laws of treasure trove belong to the owners of the lands upon which they are found. It may be that a landowner is not interested in many of the objects and so doesnt want them. This organisation could keep them or give them to a museum or let each member keep what they find. It will depend on the circumstances. The variety of objects lost throughout history is immense so we need to be aware of that when finding objects, if in doubt bag it. Common finds in archaeology are pottery and coins, and we need to be aware that in picking up a fragment of pottery it may be difficult to tell if its ancient or modern and coins can also be barely identifiable sometimes. There is one type of find that we will not be taking away and that is structures. Structures such as walls or floors. Below is some information that will be useful and of course searching the WWW or Internet will bring up all sorts of sites, some useful some not so useful. 

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