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Petworth Archaeology Society are carrying out investigations into the archaeology of the Graffham area. The Project is expected to last several years.
Preliminery investigations have been very interesting with finds of fragments of Roman tile and fragments of medieval items. Also some worked Neolithic flint implements have been found and even earlier still some fossils have been found. All the finds are from a specific location within a hundred metres or so. Recently we carried out our first test pits. These were done in some ones garden close to the location of the aforementioned finds. The test pits took the form of holes the width of a shovel and down to about 1 metre deep. 7 holes in total. One hole was about 1.5 metre deep. The soil was the biggest surprise because it was all consistent. The soil contained many small fragments of tile, probably medieval and some flint and at least one medieval pottery sherd. No identifiable Roman items were found.

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